My Professional Life

October 7, 2009

My professional life

Recently returned to the US, Andrew has 20 years experience working with US listed foreign entities throughout Europe across a variety of sectors including Insurance, Private Banking and Transportation.  Prior experience in a start-up developed transversal expertise assisting CFO’s who at the time were struggling to navigate the applications, processes and controls transition from mainframe to PC’s.  Working abroad began with several years of new market penetration strategy and execution in Europe and the South American emerging economies.  The following skill building chapter saw Andrew managing large complex change programmes in corporate finance departments with multi cultural teams often geographically dispersed.  Continual progression to leadership roles in corporate finance and mentoring in the start up community, Andrew is a seasoned catalyst driving change and improvement creating value and motivating people and teams to spectacular success.  In an advisory role, he has partnered with CFO’s building long term relationships through value added, strategic, pragmatic delivery in the changing environments of acquisitions, downsizing and mergers.

Contributing author in 2011 in the textbook ‘International Private Equity’ published by John Wiley & Sons, Andrew received his Master’s from London Business School and is an active mentor for technology start-ups.


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